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By guest, Feb 17 2016 05:49PM

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Apr 4 2016 08:15PM by Jesse Baldwin

These guys have been great. They are honest and friendly. They understand times can get tough and have given me less costly options and the pros and cons of going that way. They are very informative and thorough when taking and giving information about the problem with my car. When they get discounts on parts, they pass that down to the customer. That is honesty. They do good work too. I have been very happy with them.

Jan 25 2017 11:55PM by Bill Windley

Hi Lou & Steve, et al.,
You used to service my wife's '84 or '85 black RX-7 GSL-SE w. a 13B RESI "back in the day" and I remember you had repaired a Pantera transmission, replaced a Camaro or Firebird convertible top, had a Supra for its family-friendly rear seats & an '81(?) RX-7 you used to play with, finding that its axles or differential couldn't handle what the rotors could throw at them. I just referred a co-worker to you who has an '81 RX-7 that needs some work, assuming rotaries are still one of your specialties. I'm curious if I bought an old one with a 12A or 13B, do you still do custom work like high-performance rebuilds, from simple turbocharging to acquiring and installing a 3-rotor 20B-REW used in 90-95 Eunos Cosmos?
I love the '91-02 3rd generation "FD" body style and the RX-8s may have newer technology, but the older ones are likely available much cheaper.
Are you able to rebuild rotaries, e.g., seals, etc., or do you send them out?
Are completely rebuilt & assembled rotary engines still available, and if so, how long do you expect them to be available (I think Mazda completely stopped production so I assume it's a matter of what is left in stock & how long it will last)?
Is it true that the 13B-MSP Renesis engine in the RX-8s is less desirable than the older engines, e.g., less reliable, less "tunable" for high performance, etc.?
Thanks and take care,
Bill Windley

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